Sunday, 26 August 2012

‘W’ is for…..Willy Wonkers Bonkers Lollipop Factory!

‘W’ is for…..Willy Wonkers  Bonkers  Lollipop Factory!
Chocolate chip biscuit sponge, filled with chocolate spread and cream. Topped with chocolate and lollipops!!! And a surprise  Enjoy x
I struggled to find a recipe and a memory beginning with the letter 'W' that would inspire a new cake....then the light was switched on!   Roald Dahl's books were some of my children's favourite bedtime stories. And I think the one we all enjoyed the most was 'Willy Wonker's, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'! Last Christmas They showed both the film adaptions of this book, and as a family we were divided on the one we liked the most...I will admit I preferred the 1971 adaptation with Gene Wilder, I found the Johnny Depp film a little scary. 
Obviously I had to make a chocolate cake, filled with cream and covered with chocolate.I then decorated it with lollipops, and topped it off with some popping candy to give an element of surprise :) My children are all grown up now, but this would of been a hit at Birthday parties....not only a piece of cake to take home but a candy lolly as well !!!
The candy sparked another memory, a family tradition. I used to love watching the children's program Blue Peter,all the things they made on there I would try out too. I can remember making the annual  Christmas advent candle mobile, which was made with wire coat hangers and tinsel. I have often wondered why my mother never lit the candles....I am older and wiser now and can see the potential danger. Another idea they had was based on lollipops, I cannot remember what they made, but mine developed into an advent lollipop tree, basically a twig, sprayed with gold paint, then set into a pot filled with sand. I would then sellotape ribbons onto 24 lollies and decorate my tree with them. The countdown to Christmas had began....I will show my age now, there was none of these chocolate filled advent boxes when I was small....But oh the enjoyment of making it, then eating the candy!
I carried this tradition on with my gang, as I have 3 children the tree became bigger to accommodate all the pops!
I shan't bore you with all the recipe details as I think the cake is self explanatory.
Bake your favourite chocolate cake, fill with cream, melt chocolate and spread over the top. When the chocolate is nearly set add the popping candy on top. Decorate with your choice of lollies. I made some cake pops as well, and if you had time you could make your own candies!
Anyway Mr Roald Dahl, thank you for the inspiration and thank you for your very entertaining books :)
Happy Sunday M x

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